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Jennifer Godfrey

Finding an agent to help us prepare and sell our mother’s house was a challenge for us. We chose Simon because he was approachable, honest and offered us a more personal and collaborative service than that of the big agencies.

Simon worked hard with his team to help us prepare and present the house. He communicated with us throughout the process and as the sale time came closer he managed the process in a way which was relaxed yet clearly underpinned by his experience and professionalism. In a difficult market, Simon got us a price which met our best expectations.

I unhesitatingly recommend Simon and the Astemi team.

Gabby Hardaker

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Gabby is a highly skilled and dedicated professional who holds the key role of Property Manager and Client Services Manager at Astemi Property. Her passion lies in orchestrating seamless sales processes and overseeing exceptional property management experiences.

A natural-born organizer, Gabby thrives on the intricate details of real estate transactions. Her approach is defined by professionalism, friendliness, and an unwavering commitment to her clients. She is the driving force behind the Astemi Property team, ensuring that clients receive nothing less than impeccable service.

With Gabby, your real estate needs are not just met but exceeded. You can trust that your investment is in capable and caring hands, making your property journey a smooth and rewarding experience