About us

We don’t just sell your property, any real estate agent can do that.
We get the best price.

With our fee structure you pay less in agent commission and have more chance of selling your property for a higher price.

How our tiered commission works

Pay a reduced percentage commission if your property sells within a pre-agreed range. If we add value and sell your property at a higher price, the percentage commission increases.


  • We’ll drive hard for a high sales price
  • You’ll get more money in your pocket

Expert advice

Our local knowledge and in-depth understanding of your neighbourhood’s demographics is invaluable when dealing with prospective buyers. We specialise in the northern beaches and have lived and sold properties here since 2003.

Proven track record

We value our reputation with clients. We’re known as trustworthy, attentive and hard working. Referrals drive our business growth.

Seamless organisation

We take the stress and worry out of selling your property. Our streamlined and personalised approach will help you easily navigate the process from preparation through to sale.

Exceptional service

Our personal approach ensures you get the attention you deserve. We limit the number of properties we handle, which means we don’t ever delegate the sale of your home to a junior agent.

Strong negotiators

As expert negotiators, we work hard to get a sales price that exceeds expectations. Building relationships and understanding buyer motivation is our specialty. Ongoing training and development continually strengthens our negotiation skills.

Value driven

Our unique fee structure puts the emphasis on pushing for a higher price tag for your property. It’s a refreshing change from the industry norm of flat commissions, which encourage agents to sell quickly rather than working hard to attain the best price.